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Since 1996, Gabe Luban, MES, CMT, has owned and operated Rapid Relief, integrating his own unique form of hands-on manual therapy, patient education, and corrective exercises for the treatment of injuries of all kinds. He is well-known in the world of orthopedic medicine as the go-to guy for people who have already tried everything else, and still find themselves in pain. 

Gabe's passion and consistent pursuit of knowledge has not only made him a highly sought-out teacher of all things orthopedic; it has also yielded a full practice of loyal patients, amateur and professional athletes, and medical professionals who rely on him to keep them operating at the top of their fields. His busy schedule has developed entirely through word-of-mouth. (See the video here of Gabe teaching the pros at Canyon Ranch in Arizona.)

Gabe Vince Vaughn

Gabe with a very tall Vince Vaughn.

To date, Gabe has treated well over 20,000 people, aged 3 years all the way up to 97. He has worked with top athletes from all of the major professional sports leagues in the United States, as well as the Australian Summer Olympic Team. He also treats many of the top talent and executives in the worlds of entertainment and technology, many of whom travel to Los Angeles to see him. 

Gabe Luban testimonial.

Grandma Sophia and family.

Gabe also works with children, their parents, grandparents, and even people who don't have kids. He works on cooks, dog walkers, pilots, yoga instructors, lawyers, doctors, and almost every other type of human, even if they aren't (yet) famous.

Do you have an ache or pain, whether only recent or more chronic, that you'd like to have Gabe take a look at? If so, please reach out through one of the methods below. If you have further questions, be sure to check out his Frequently Asked Questions section, or email him for more information. 

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I often respond faster to text messages than emails. You can text now at (310) 923-3595. Be sure to include your name, the reason why you are reaching out, who referred you, and your preferred contact method (phone, email, etc.). 


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